Accessibility Features Community Group

Let's find features that can fix accessibility issues in any web content.

Introducing AFCG

The Accessibility Features Community Group (AFCG) promotes the development of features that can address accessibility issues in web content. Such features could be added to browsers, other user agents, and operating systems.


These accessibility features can come in a variety of forms, such as:


To promote the development of new accessibility features, AFCG plans to:


Better experience
With a wide range of well-documented accessibility features, people with disabilities can get a better experience, even on sites that don't meet accessibility guidelines.
With reliable built-in features, content creators can focus their accessibility efforts on addressing challenges unique to their content.
Features could get more similar across browsers and operating systems, and work consistently for all provided content.

Meeting Minutes

Here is a list of all meeting minutes:

  1. 2021-06-23
  2. 2021-07-15


Isn't fixing accessibility problems the responsibility of developers?

Primarily, yes. But ensuring accessibility is a responsibility that can be approached from different angles: content authors, user agents and authoring tools. These complement each other.

Get involved

To get involved, join the Community Group or join discussions on the A11yFeat GitHub organisation.