Accessibility Features Community Group #a11yfeat

15 July 2021


Bee_Bube, hdv, jules, marcus, Todd, Wilco, yatil

Meeting minutes

Reminder to fill out time survey at https://forms.gle/8Q3y6CBMDHpPdfrw7

Eric: We have a survey to find a regular meeting time.
… We want to meet every other week. Everyone, please fill out the survey.

Wilco: Suggest we take a look at the times

Eric: I will figure it out and let everyone know.

A11y features list, assign tasks

<yatil> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dLgBtrMinu-GtckijkyHXbB0E_zQK3Xk0bv7gElLCqM/edit#

Eric: Last time we talked about collecting features. Marcus was quick to fill out Firefox. Wilco did a few things for Chrome.
… I've signed up for Safari but I'm officially lazy.
… I think we need to assign them, so we can get an overview of features already there.
… Any takers for Edge?

Bee: I'll take Brave

Eric: Anyone for Windows?

Eric: Marcus signed up for iOS
… We may also want to look at extensions.

Eric: Killian has signed up for Fix Contrast

<hdv> Wilco: for Chrome I included some official Chrome extensions, four of them

<hdv> Wilco: do you want those listed separately or under Chrome?

<hdv> yatil: fine to put them under Chrome as they are official

Todd: I'll take up collecting features for Windows

Jules: Can others add features for Firefox

Eric: Yes, if you think something's missing, feel free to add it

Jules: I often use outline in Firefox, is that a feature built into Firefox?

Eric: Not sure which feature you mean.

Jules: If you got to settings in Firefox, you get a warning not to change it.

Eric: If you can hack Firefox in that way, that's something we want to highlight.

Marcus: A setting behind a flag, it's hidden and hacky, but it is a feature

Eric: As much as you find, put it in.

<hdv> Wilco: I started testing these things and noticed a quirk in high contrast mode, limitations of that feature. It turns out what that tool does it makes the dark colours darker and the light colours lighter… which sometimes causes it to decrease the contrast… is that something we'd like to capture in some way?

<hdv> yatil: yes would be useful to add as comments

<hdv> Wilco: in the Google Doc?

<hdv> yatil: yes seems fine

A11y features survey, assign tasks

<yatil> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gekZ5y_D13g3TnhdB-sCafim8yjVGbObtCDbM7cisTU/edit?usp=sharing

Eric: We haven't done anything on the survey yet. We wanted to formulate questions to bring in front of users, asking what features they need or what features they used.
… Should we spend some time brainstorming questions?

Kilian: What kind of questions are we looking for?

Eric: Relatively open questions, things like what features in your browser do you use. Things like that.
… We might have multiple choice of what feature they use, and maybe some features of what else we use

Marcus: Is the intention that we pose questions like "are you aware that you can zoom"? Or is that too meta.

Eric: Need to discuss if this is for people who already use accessibility features.

Kilian: I think we'll primarily reach people already using a11y features.

Bee: I know people who use accessibility features, but don't know that they are.

Eric: Maybe we could frame it like "ease of use" features? Do we want to give them a list of features, or a free-form text field.

Bee: Might be useful to give categories.
… Things related to browser, thing related to the device.

Kilian: Caution against casting too wide a net. We have limited reach. The people that will answer this survey are people in our wider network.
… It seems we should focus more on quantitative data as to what features they use. Based on that we can do another survey that is wider cast.

Eric: We could make a list of features we've collected, and then a free form field.
… As well as let user fill what they need, for something there isn't a feature for yet.
… That keeps it short, but we'd use browser features first.
… I can send out this survey to a list at Knowbility. They have a list of people with various disabilities.

Eric: Kilian is writing in the document.

Bee: Do we want to only target English speakers?

Eric: I think so, if not we'd have to get translators.

Wilco: Could we suggest some features users might want, that don't yet exist, and then ask them if they'd want to use them.

Eric: It might be good, we'd have to think about what order we present them.
… I wonder if this isn't too early to do.
… Feel free to come up with a list.

Todd: Do we want to add to the document which OS people are using?

Eric: We could do that.

Todd: If we have people that use Linux for example, we'd want to include them as well

<Todd> +1 to Killian's point

Kilian: We should be cautious with suggestions, this will skew the data. People will say they'll want to have something they wouldn't actually use.

<hdv> Wilco: do we really need to know browser and operating systems? these statistics are already available elsewhere

Wilco: Do we need to know browser / OS? What are we hoping to learn from that?

Eric: If they choose a browser / OS because of the accessibility features, we may want to know that.

Kilian: It will allow us to say something about discoverability of features, and their relative use between browsers.

A11y features website, update https://a11yfeat.com/

Eric: I just wanted to highlight the website that Hidde built.
… We put up the minutes on it, we'll put the meeting time on it, so people can find us and participate.

<hdv> (repo if you want to contribute https://github.com/a11yfeat/a11yfeat.github.io/)

Wilco: Should we include the browser / OS features on there?

Eric: Yeah, we should.

Color contrast plugin demo https://fixa11y.com/

Kilian: ... demos fix contrast plugin.

<yatil> Wilco: What about the performance/challenges in implementation?

Kilian: Browsers could do this on their render pass. It would be much more performant than on an extension.

Wilco: If we have good technologies like this, do we want to drive this in a direction where developers don't have to worry about this?

Eric: I think it would be good to talk about that. While I want these features, especially for people who's need exceeds WCAG.
… We should consider that as an agenda item for next meeting.

Any Closing Comments?

<yatil> <no closing comments>

<yatil> Next meeting in about 2 weeks, Eric will make a suggestion from the survey.

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